iNDTact Solutions

With our Sensor or System products in combination with our deep knowledge in hard- and software design in condition monitoring, we provide you with a custom solution for your product, equipment or process.

See the iNDTact Project-Development Process to get an understanding on how to work with us.

Two different approaches are possible:

1. iNDTact Sensor Product/System applied to your Product/Equipment/Process (Integration/Application), see below

2. Custom development for your Product (Development)

Whether you are planning to implement "the smart" into your products or to roll out higher quantities of condition monitoring systems for your production - our engineers will be pleased to work with you.


Example: Implementation or Application of iNDTact Products in Solutions Project

The iNDTact Project Development Process


or check process details below...

1. Feasibility

In the feasibility phase we work together on requirements for the integration, application or development. In a first feasibility check, iNDTact assesses the requirements and possibilities with our systems in combination with third-party equipment by setting up a first measurement campaign.

If further iteration is needed and the project scope is more complex, a full feasibility study will follow.

With a first pilot or functional prototype further decisions on the process can be made.


2. Objectifization

In the objectifization phase we run the product or applied system under laboratory or simplified conditions. A reduced scope of functionality will be assessed here.


3. Validation

In the validation phase we run the product or applied system under field or near series conditions. The full scope of functionality will be assessed here.


4. Pilot-Series

In the pilot series phase a pre-series state of the product or applied system is reached. A roll-out in reduced quantities can be carried out.


5. Series

In the series phase the roll-out of your product or process with iNDTact technology is carried out.