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Start your Condition Monitoring future with smartPREDICT and get to know how to implement the system in your product, equipment or process. Learn how to work with smartPREDICT as an operator or as developer to get the best out of vibration monitoring.



smartPREDICT is an autonomous condition monitoring system based on vibration measurement. Either as "retrofit" or "integration" system, smartPREDICT is capable to track your process, product or equipment vibration. The intelligent sensor system comprises the power of multiple sensors packed with processor power for on-the-spot measurement. Use one or more sensor heads in a network to autonomously track and monitor vibrations or connect it with your own machine control, automation or ERP system - or even your IIoT solution.

smartPREDICT-AE USB/RS485 is the advanced multi sensor system with full connection to industrial standards as well as all other devices - whether your a beginner or an expert with complex sensor data, this is the condition monitoring product for your application.



LxWxH [mm]:

88 x 50 x 22 plastic case

Frequency Range:

0.06...48.000 [Hz]


SNR 99 dB


- 40 ... 80 °C


M12 / USB + RS485 (Modbus)


Glue / Screw (adaptor available)



Full connectivity to Lab products (iMS, LabVIEW), embedded systems, industrial and -IoT as well as PLC systems. Self implementation possible or in combination with an iNDTact solution.

Operation modes

For smartPREDICT-AE USB/RS485 three user modes are available.

Autonomous Condition Monitoring

Set warn- and alarm thresholds and the sensor system monitors the parameters without the need of another device.

Parameter Mode

Configure and send parameters like MEAN, VARIANCE, MIN, MAX, PEAK-PEAK, ZERO CROSSING RATE, RMS, CREST and many more.

Time-signal Mode

Measure with smartPREDICT like an oscilloscope and feed your device or machine with raw data for custom analysis algorithms.

Devices & Software

Easy connection and configuration.

Sensor Head

smartPREDICT-AE USB/RS485 heads for all vibration and multi sensor measurement purposes.

Measurement Studio

Configure your smartPREDICT-AE USB/RS485 before it starts it's full time job, get useful hints and tips for vibration measurement.


smartPREDICT Measurement Studio
Get started easily and configure
smartPREDICT with measurement studio:

Easy parameter setting
Expert mode for advanced settings
Guide with helpful examples
Custom measurement plan creation
Manuals, data sheets, whitepapers


ERP Systems

Connectivity to ERP Systems: coming soon

Industrial- & IoT

How to connect to I-/IIoT?

Embedded systems (MCUs)

How to connect to embedded systems?

Quality assurance & field- / lab-measurement

How to connect to lab-measurement systems?

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