Condition Monitoring on Production Line

In a production line for electric motors, a smartPREDICT condition monitoring system was installed. With iNDTact's shaped process monitoring algorithms, the repeating vibration character of the process of approximately 65 seconds is recorded, stored and laid on top of a stack. The stack is constantly being compared and deviations are clearly marked.

By making deviations in the vibration characteristics of this process visible, the maintenance team knows at which point in the production line to look for the next repairs or irregularities.

Conditions monitored:

   •  Process deviations (increasing vibration energy/wearout of parts)

   •  Process start/stop (regular process)

   •  Aborted processes / process steps

Sensors used: smartPREDICT Ethernet

Setup: smartPREDICT - Gateway - Data Logger / Server


   •  Remote insights into processes

   •  Reduced time for preventive maintenance tours

   •  Enhanced process statistics: vibration trends, localization / root causes for failures

   •  Reduced down-time

One smartPREDICT per machine line

Process recording & display of deviations

Indication of severity of process deviations