Rotor Blade Monitoring

Rotor blades of wind turbines are complex structures and made for high performance. Cost is high and wind turbines are made for producing energy with minimal downtime for maintenance or dangerous environmental conditions. When conditions and vibration behavior of a rotor blade is monitored, cost for irregular stops can be driven to a minimum. INDTact's highly sensitive sensors and systems provide information about the state and condition of these high value structures to indicate all irregularities before it is too late.

​​Conditions monitored:

   •  Stress on rotor blades

   •  Indication of cracks

   •  Eigenfrequency changes (e.g. ice detection, structural damages)

Sensors used: iMPactXS or i2xµGT

Setup: iMPactXS/i2xµGT - DAQ System


   •  Condition and event monitoring

   •  Reduced downtime

   •  Improved schedulable maintenance actions

Pencil break test

with iMPact XS