Pump Monitoring

Industrial pumps are used to e.g. run water treatment plants. Sophisticated fallback systems with additional pumps for backup are installed to never stop the plant from working. Preventive maintenance is done in regular circles with teams of trained technicians. Regular checks are done every day to prevent damages from wear and to exchange parts on a regular basis. SmartPREDICT is able to monitor the acoustic behavior of the pump, which indicates the slightest changes in its working conditions. Connected to the plant's PLC (programmable logic controller) or independant measurement system, smartPREDICT is constantly providing condition information to the control stand.

​​Conditions monitored:

   •  Regular pump movement vs. deviation trend

   •  Process irregularities

Sensors used: smartPREDICT

Setup: (array of) smartPREDICT + connection to PLC, ERP or Cloud


   •  Remote trending and information about pumping process

   •  Direct indication for pump check (condition based maintenance)

Possible system setup with smartPREDICT: