Sensor systems for condition monitoring – COMPONENTS WHICH »FEEL«

As a high-tech enterprise, iNDTact is the first company worldwide to offer high performance sensors, suitable for serial production, with outstanding performance in the areas of sensitivity, bandwidth and stability. For this purpose iNDTact developed a system, that opens up a new era of condition monitoring, as well as the analysis of structural durability.

iNDTact offers solutions for the analysis of structural durability of fiber composite components, process and condition monitoring of machines, dynamic handling processes, highly loaded components, expandable parts and composite structures. Best of all: iNDTact sensors are able to let machines and components “feel” and monitor their own “integrity”.

The system components with modular design consist of highly robust and ready-to-connect sensors, which are easy and nearly everywhere embedable, as well as hard- and software for signal processing and problem-oriented analysis.

New sensorsystem - smartPREDICT

With the smartPREDICT, iNDTact offers a new, smart sensorsystem based on its unique technology platform. The system contains sensors, signal conditioning electronics and a microprocessing unit for signal analysis. The gained information is provided by an Power-over-Ethernet interface in the standard version. These information can be fed easily into a superior production or machine management system. Hence, predictive maintenance or process monitoring and control applications can be established by using the Cube.

Since the smartPREDICT is based on iNDTacts platform technology, adaptions like other communication protocols or customized analysis routines can be realized easily.

Further information can be found here. For product requests we would kindly ask you to contact us directly.

New acceleration sensor – the µGT !

On the basis of its platform technology iNDTact is offering extremely robust, low-noise and highly sensitive acceleration sensors. Designed for the mass-market, this acceleration sensor can be delievered as an uni-, bi-, or triaxial version and, following customer request, can be adapted to fit the measuring task. With a customisable sensivity of up to 20,000 mV/g at less than 3% cross-sensitivity, a resonance-free frequency range of 0,08 to 400 Hz and noise density of < 40 µg/Wurzel(Hz), as well as integrated temperature sensor technology, iNDTact thereby offers an unattainable price-performance ratio. The µGT can be utilised e.g. in wind turbines (CMS), for seismic measurements, in stock control, plant engineering and for balancing.

Further information can be found here or by contacting us directly.

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