Since 2001 our experienced high tech team has been developing sensor technologies with focus on components made from fibre composites and condition monitoring in mechanical engineering.

In 2013, with the acquisition of marketability of our sensors, the iNDTact GmbH was founded. The goal: the production and advancement of the iNDTact sensors.

End of 2013, expansion to systems manufacturer. Extension in the sections electronics and software.

Start of 2014, internationalisation of business relations. Attuned to our customers we are offering cross-industrial system solutions, from prototype to the series maturity, since mid-2013.

About us

iNDTact means to combine a sensor suitable for series production with laboratory testing quality and, in spite of standardised iNDTact product series, generate flexible solutions for our customers.

For this reason, the team of iNDTact consists of goal-oriented, conscientious, but still spontaneous lateral thinkers, who call problems challenges. For us, the important thing is the goal, the resolution of our customer’s needs. Despite that, iNDTact employees are still able to say “no”, if something is uneconomic, and to find a new “yes”.

In the company, as well as at group sport activities, iNDTact is connected by a sense of unity, that is team-oriented and respectful, approves technical discussions, engaged at eye level and, last but not least, utilises the individual’s strengths.

Executive Board

Dr. Raino Petricevic
CEO / Chief Technical Officer

Clemens Launer

Business Economist
CEO / Chief Financial Officer

Sensor+Test, 26.-28. June, Nürnberg

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