About iNDTact

​iNDTact, founded in 2013 in Würzburg, Germany, is an enabler for the industrial digitalization and internet of things. With our highly-sensitive, broadband vibration sensors and sensor systems, we make products, equipment and processes feel. With smartPREDICT, a multi sensor system comprising complex parameter recording, digitalization, data conditioning and analysis – everything in one box with just the right interface to machines - we are among the big players in condition monitoring for industry 4.0. The company is constantly growing. iNDTact’s team of motivated researchers, hardware, IT and engineering specialists is continuously driving itself to new technological spheres with the goal of providing best sensor data and monitoring information for all industrial applications.


Clemens Launer



Dr. Raino Petričević


Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure sustainability, efficiency and safety of processes and structures world wide – therefore we use our own patented acoustic emission, vibration sensor technology to satisfy our customer’s needs. On our way to German Mittelstand, we believe in the values: trust, sustainability and team spirit.

Our Competence


See how our sensors perform in terms of frequency, sensitivity range and resolution. The image depicts our core competence in sensor technology and signal processing transferred to the world of image processing.

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Our Experience