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The company iNDTact

iNDTact is an enabler for the industrial digitalization and Internet of Things providing solutions in the field of Condition Monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring. With over a decade of experience, iNDTact offers its customers scalable, flexible and easy-to-use sensors according to the modular principle as well as software and services. The globally unique sensor technology, which combines high bandwidth, high sensitivity, extremely good SNR and above-average robustness, and iNDTact’s exceptional application know-how enable customers to digitize conditions and changes in products and processes and create their individual fingerprint. The sensor technology and the excellent integrability allow assets to “feel” and provide helpful monitoring data to the customers to identify, localize and analyze even the smallest changes to their assets. Clients benefit in various ways, as iNDTact’s solutions help save costs, resources and time by enabling error detection at an early stage as well as predictive maintenance. iNDTact’s growing team of motivated researchers, hardware, IT and engineering specialists is continuously pushing into new technological areas with the goal of providing best sensor data and monitoring information for all industrial applications.

Clemens Launer


Dr. Raino Petričević


Our vision

Our vision is to ensure sustainability, efficiency and safety of processes and structures world wide – therefore we use our own patented acoustic emission, vibration sensor technology to satisfy our customer’s needs. On our way to German Mittelstand, we believe in the values: trust, sustainability and team spirit.