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Sensor technology for Buildings

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While buildings may convey the impression of being completely static, they are constantly in motion. Different influences lead to occasionally strong movements which the building structure has to endure. Depending on the environmental influences or building movement, different aspects can be investigated.


  • Inclination: 

Determination if the soil below the building moves or the foundation deteriorates.

  • Low frequency vibrations:

Monitoring the natural frequencies of the structure to detect changes of the structure’s stiffness. Additional measurement of seismic activity with the same sensors. 

  • High frequency vibrations / Acoustic Emissions:

Detection if cracks occur and progress in the concrete.


The building technology of high-rise and large buildings is complex. With complexity comes the need to monitor and maintain all systems that enable the building to operate. Technical system such as pumping systems, fans, air condition or generators need to be in best condition.
iNDTact's sensors are able to monitor the vibration character of the machines and systems that belong to the building technology. Connected to an information system, remote monitoring is possible as well as condition-based maintenance.