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Sensor technology for Bridges & Infrastructure

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Knowledge of the real condition of a bridge is essential for evaluating its service life. The evaluation of the structural properties of the structure and the determination of the actual traffic load are of equal importance. 

iNDTact's sensor networks for acoustic emission as well as acceleration and strain monitoring are capable of capturing events that characterize vehicles passing a bridge. Information such as type of vehicle, axis load as well as the number of vehicles per day contributes to the understanding the bridge loads that exist and serves as important metrics for smart cities.
Considering the strong increase in traffic volumes and especially the risen traffic loads this kind of monitoring allows the retrospective assessment of a bridge based on its real objects specific load.


Besides this, the iNDTact monitoring system, which can be customized for each kind of bridge, can be used to check the bridge's structural condition. Different measurement operations such as operational modal analysis or stress crack detection can be performed, and digital reports sent to the customer. 

Object Specific Fatigue Load Determination

Traffic count
Axle load
Vehicle classification

Structural Health Monitoring

Operational Modal Analysis
Stress crack detection